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With more than ten years of history, and thousands of units in the field as a living laboratory, we have seen what works—and what doesn’t work—in this business of treating oral malodor, with the aid of the Halimeter®.

Here, then, are…    Interscan’s Seven Rules For Success With The Halimeter®

1.     Treatment of oral malodor in your office is a practice-builder, not a get-rich-quick scheme in itself. Those with unrealistic expectations are bound to be disappointed.

As a practice-builder, treatment of oral malodor will attract new patients, and you can offer more services to existing patients. Plus, you can distinguish yourself from the crowd. The attractiveness of breath treatment is that it is inexpensive to get into, requires little doctor time, and promises a cure for the patient in virtually all cases. As a part of your overall marketing plan, it can truly help, but it is not your entire marketing plan


2.     Be wary of those who would sell you quantities of rinses and other therapeutic items, to dispense to the patient, at high markup. While some of these formulas are proprietary, many can also be obtained directly by the patient. Moreover, claims that aqueous rinses are not available in conventional retail outlets have been false ever since Crest® introduced its Pro-Health Gum and Breath Purify Mouthwash.


3.     Note that proper technique for breath sampling involves taking three readings, and each reading should be preceded by a three-minute sample incubation time. As such, at least 11 minutes will be required.

Of course, most of this is NOT active time for the doctor or hygienist, and these procedures can be modified. Still, it does take time to get good scientific data, and this should be understood by both the practitioner and the patient.


4.     Take advantage of all the resources in our Experts’ Forum. Several doctors detail what they do in their successful practices, and Prof. Touyz’ clinical charts are still the best we’ve seen for oral malodor management.


5.     Since most oral malodor patients are suffering from some kind of gum condition, no special training is needed to treat the majority of cases of oral malodor. Just practice the good dentistry you are already practicing.


6.     Don’t be afraid to charge appropriately for your good work, and don’t forget to ask us about our free PR services. Over the years, we have gotten great publicity for many of our dentists, in local and national media.


7.     Finally, do not hesitate to contact us, with any service or marketing issue. Your success is our success!