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Dr. Louis Touyz is the Director of the Division of Periodontology,
Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


The use of the Clinical Charts for History, Treatment Plan and Special Investigations is a guide to assist establishing a definitive diagnosis, as opposed to a presumptive diagnosis. The type of Oral Malodor, or combinations thereof, should be defined.

Since the preponderance of Oral Malodors are Fetor Ex Ore, the dentist will be qualified in most cases to manage the problem. If Fetor Ex Ore is only a part of the problem, then Oral Health should be established to ensure that the mouth does not contribute Fetor Ex Ore to the Oral Malodor.

However, a comprehensive work-up must embrace a full Oro-Dental Assessment and problem defined Treatment Plan, to provide an healthy resolution to all gum and teeth pathologies, i.e. perio-disease, tooth decay, and any Oral Medicine problem in the mouth. Should a problem outside the mandate of a dentist be discovered, i.e. a growth in the sinus, or foreign body in the nose, or it is beyond the knowledge, skills and expertise of the dentist e.g. metabolic disease, such as diabetes mellitus with ketosis, referral to an appropriate expert is in order, with copies of all the relevant findings, with the diagnosis.

In these circumstances, follow-up is mandatory to ensure that the patient has an appointment to the referral doctor, and the appointment should be made for the patient, with the patient present, and the time and date confirmed in writing on a card, with all relevant information. Accurate clinical records and charts are essential for quality management and clinical decision-making.

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