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Click Here to Download a PDF of the Halimeter® Blu Instruction Manual

Click Here to Download a PDF of the Halimeter® Instruction Manual
(for units with automation features—generally those shipped Oct, 2002 and later)

Click Here to Download a PDF of the Halimeter® Instruction Manual
(for units without automation features—generally those shipped prior to Oct, 2002)

Click Here to Download a PDF of the Halimeter® Recorder (Model 101) Instruction Manual


[Ignores automation features]

 1.     Plug in unit, turn on POWER, and allow it to warm up. If the instrument has not been used for several weeks, or is new, allow it to warm up overnight for best results.

 2.     After perhaps 5-10 minutes, the meter reading will stabilize. Since the unit is extremely sensitive, responses to ambient air may cause the reading to fluctuate plus or minus 5 ppb. This is normal.

 3.     Using ZERO control, set meter to “000” plus or minus 10 ppb.

 4.     Sample is taken using a straw, which is connected to tubing in instrument’s INLET via a short piece of clear Tygon® (PVC) tubing.

 5.     Have subject close mouth, breathe as necessary through nose, and “incubate” mouth-breath sample for at least 1 minute.

 6.     Have subject take a deep breath through nose, and hold breath during sampling procedure.

 7.     Straw is inserted 1-2 inches (2.5-5.1 cm) into nearly closed mouth.

 8.     Subject must not touch any mouth surface with straw, and must not blow or suck into straw. The Halimeter® is provided with a pump, which extracts sample from mouth. Sampling procedure should not affect position of float in front panel flowmeter.

 9.     Within a few seconds, reading will begin to increase rapidly, then slow to a “steady” value. Record peak reading. Have subject remove straw from mouth.

10.     In certain cases, volatile sulfur compounds may actually be “pulled” off the tongue, so reading will continue to increase beyond point that subject can hold his breath. In such cases, record highest reading obtained.

11.     For best results, repeat procedure two more times, and obtain an average value. Allow meter to re-stabilize before repeating. Meter may briefly drop below “000” after a test. This is normal. Allow at least 90 seconds between samples.

12.     Do not use the ZERO control to re-zero the instrument between readings. Rather, allow the unit to re-stabilize on its own.

13.     Do not run test if subject has eaten, smoked, or has consumed coffee or alcoholic beverages within the past hour. Reading may also be affected by spicy and aromatic foods.

14.     If validity of readings is questioned, refer to Halimeter Calibration Techniques.