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Halimeter® PLUSResearch has indicated that hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, other thiols, and dimethyl sulfide, collectively referred to as volatile sulfur compounds (VSC), are the principal malodorants in chronic halitosis. These compounds are generated by anaerobic bacteria, located principally on the back of the tongue. The American Dental Association confirms that millions of people suffer from this condition in the United States alone.

Although sophisticated and expensive instrumentation methods have occasionally been employed to analyze VSC, Interscan’s original Halimeter®, introduced in 1997, was the first unit specifically designed to measure VSC in a clinical setting.

Interscan’s Halimeter® PLUS is a complete reimagining of the world’s most trusted and widely used instrument for the analysis and treatment of chronic halitosis.  This new instrument combines field-proven electrochemical sensing technology with an all-new electronics package, intuitive controls, and a real-time graphics display.

What’s more, the Halimeter® PLUS is provided with an integral SD card, allowing you to save all the data you obtain—perfect for maintaining patient records.  These data files can be exported to Excel for further analysis.  

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Prior to its acceptance as a tool by dental practitioners, early Halimeters were used in dental research studies. Correlating well with organoleptic assessments, the Halimeter® PLUS enables measurements of bad breath to be quantified in parts-per-billion (ppb).

Click here for the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) status of Halimeter® products.

The Halimeter® PLUS is intended to be utilized as part of a total program, encompassing a thorough history and physical examination of the patient. Our Experts’ Forum features many useful articles on diagnosis and treatment modalities, including excellent clinical charts.

The emotional involvement of many patients with chronic halitosis, as well as the possibility that underlying conditions may be present, require that the practitioner follow a well-established diagnosis/treatment protocol.

Halimeter® products have found their greatest acceptance as a result of the recognition that chronic halitosis is nearly always a dental problem. Complementing this is the availability of special formulation mouthwashes and tongue cleaners which remove the VSC’s and may also kill the offending bacteria.

We invite you to experience this best and very latest version of the Halimeter®:  The Halimeter® PLUS.