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A wide variety of data of data loggers and so-called paperless recorders are available, which will perform quite well with the Halimeter®.

The prospective user is advised to consider the following:

1.     Traditional data loggers, such as Interscan’s TruTrack unit will collect data from a Halimeter examination session, and a unique file can be created, identified with the patient’s name and other relevant information.

However, data loggers must be downloaded to a host computer to view the data. Typically, software is provided with data loggers to accomplish this. Thus, data loggers do not provide the user with the ability to see “trending” in real time, as he would with a strip-chart recorder. Whether or not this is a problem is strictly the preference of the user.

In any case, the sampling rate of the data logger must be no slower than once per second—and ideally, quicker than that.


2.     If it is deemed important to have real-time trending as well as data logging, a paperless recorder similar to one of these models would be recommended.


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