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Document your patients’ Halimeter® readings with Interscan’s computer-based solutions.


The TruTrack Data Logger

Our TruTrack data logger is a versatile unit, that connects to the Halimeter®, or any other instrument with an analog output, and digitizes and stores the data.

After the sampling is complete, the TruTrack is connected to a computer, and the information is downloaded, whereby many useful reports, including time-history graphs, can be obtained. Patient files can be archived, as well.

Note that with the TruTrack, connection to a computer is not needed during the sampling procedure.

More detailed information on the TruTrack data logger is available on the main Interscan website.


Halisoft screen capture

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HaliSoft, developed by our German dealer, Ansyco GmbH, is comprised of an additional circuit board built into the Halimeter®, and proprietary software. The Halimeter® must be connected to a computer while sampling is occurring.

A real-time graph (live trending) of the sampling is provided, along with peak values, and averages. Patient records are archived in a convenient format.

If you are interested in HaliSoft, it should be ordered when you first order your Halimeter®, since a retrofit normally requires that the unit be returned to the factory.