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New York Post

New Help For ‘Atkins Breath’

By Farrah Weinstein
The New York Post (16 March 2004)

While you might have a killer body from the Atkins diet, your breath might be killer too.

A number of treatments have emerged on the Internet to fight the “ketone breath” – a sweetish smell most prominent among Atkins beginners – and now a dental spa is offering one, too.

QUICKbleach, a cosmetic dental spa on East 56th Street, is offering a $399 package that includes a Halimeter® test to measure foul-smelling VSCs (volatile sulfur compounds) in your mouth and a custom-fitted tray to wear at night, filled with a gel designed to destroy VSCs.

“It might work,” says Dr. Richard Price, spokesman for the American Dental Association. “Bleaching agents will help fight bad breath because they are an oxygenating agent that will kill bacteria.”

“But before you do anything,” Price says, “My advice is to floss it, brush it, and scrape it [your tongue].”