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Just clearing the air

Edited By Simon Goodley
The Daily Telegraph (29 April 2004)

Wandering past The Dentist, the unimaginatively named tooth puller on Greyfriars Passage, I notice an ad for a free breath test. Is this a way of checking you’re under the limit so you can return to the office, I wonder? “It’s a Halimeter,” explains receptionist Hali, sorry Hayley, “and is a way of checking if you’ve got bad breath.” Score as high as 500, and you can knock down walls with a single breath, and even a pitiful 40 is, says Hayley, enough to warrant a go with the hygienist.

The highest score she’s come across so far is 240. Was it someone from Merrill Lynch’s vast offices next door? “That’s classified,” says Hayley.”But I will say that all of our patients have great breath—after they leave.”