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If you were to consult some of the original papers documenting breath measurements for volatile sulfur compounds, you would discover that before the Halimeter was developed, researchers used an “industrial sulphide monitor“—specifically, one of Interscan’s portable hydrogen sulfide analyzers.

A updated version of this same monitor is now offered, and is called Halimeter® Blu. Halimeter® Blu offers the same accuracy and ease of use as the Halimeter®, in a smaller package. The only difference is that Halimeter® Blu is not provided with the sample incubation timer countdown (typically set to 180 seconds) nor the feature which allows multiple samples being averaged and the peak value being displayed.

As it happens, many practitioners do not use these features, and prefer manually-controlled sampling techniques. Indeed, manual control allows the practitioner to use their own preferred methods.

Halimeter® Blu—Consider this alternative!